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FF500AS-A - Water-Cooled Fire Pump -

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FF500AS-A Water-cooled 2 Cycle gasoline engine


Description of FF500AS-A

Easy starting by correcting the conditions with the ECU under various conditions, such as ambient and engine operating temperatures, and altitude differences.

Easy starting operation at any slope due to no carburetor.

Stable operations from low to high speed chaieved with appropriate fuel consumption.

Achieved high-power and pressure, and better engine acceleration essential for fire fighting pumps.

Ultimate 2-stroke engine achieving lower emissions giving importance to environment.

Safety : :
Automatic stopping function by sensing no oil through the 2-cucle oil sensor.
Automatic stopping function by prevention from abnormal overheating. (Possible forced operation by turning the main switch).
The high brightness LED monitor with the self-checking function blinking on and off for an abnormal status.
An HID searchlight can be used on the fire pump equipped with the alternator generating high electrical power.

Improving of speed and operability : :
Improved water-spraying performance by adopting the super ball cock.
The shortened time needs for starting water spraying by adopiting the Fi.
Highly improved durability and performance by adopting the large Oil-less vacuum pump(PEEK material).
Engine cooling water is returned to the pump eliminating discharge outside of the pump, and contamination of surrounding area.
Unique double suction system achieved extra-high discharge performance.

Easy care : :
Easy care with no troublesome care because of no fuel colgging caused without a caburetor.
No care due to no fuel clogging caused without a fuel cock.

FF500AS-A Performance curve

performance curve


Model EP556
Type Water-cooled, 2-cycle, horizontal 2-cylinder gasoline engine
Cylinder (No.-bore x stroke) 2 - 76mm x 70mm
Displacement 635ml
Authorized output 32kW/43PS
Fuel consumption 17l/h
Fuel supply system Fuel Injection
Cooling system Forced water cooling
Ignition system Non-contact magneto (CDI)
Ignition plug NGK B7HS
Fuel tank capacity 11l
Fuel Unleaded gasoline
Oil tank capacity 1.2l
Lubricating oil 2-cycle engine oil (separate lubricant 50:1)
Startup system Starter motor & Recoil
Charging capacity 13V17.5A
Speed regulating system Centrifugal weight & electric control
Rotation Left (viewed from output side)
Lighting capacity 12V3W x 2 (Meter lamp), 12V180W (Searchlight)
Battery 12V16Ah
Model P556
Type Single stage, high pressure turbine pump
Suction port diameter 75mm (JIS fire thread B-9912)
Discharge port diameter 65mm (JIS fire thread B-9912)
Discharge Performance 0.5MPa, 1550L/min, 1m suction head
1.0MPa, 980L/min, 1m suction head
1.0MPa, 960L/min, 3m suction head
Pump shaft sealing Mechanical unit seal
Vacuum pump Type 4-brade eccentric rotary pump (oilless type)
Max suction head 9m
Dimension (Overall Lx W x H) 681mm x 639mm x 774mm
Dry weight 100kg
Battery Charger, Tool Kit, Pump Cover, Spark Plug