About Us

About Us

Shibaura Quality with Experience and Reliability

Ever since its launch of first Fire Pump in 1952, Shibaura has been providing reliable and high-performance products that meet our customers' needs.
As a pioneer of the portable fire fighting pumps, the company has become one of the most respected names in the rescue, fire prevention and disaster relief sectors.
The complete line of Portable fire fighting pumps and other products are sold through our sales network.

Corporate Profile

Name of Corporation Shibaura Fire Pump Co., Ltd.
President tetsuo kamijo
Capital JPY 99 million
Employees 64
Business Design, development, manufacture, and sales of fire pumps, water purifiers, and other disaster prevention equipment.


Head Office

6043-17 Akashina Nanaki, Azumino, Nagano,
399-7104, Japan
Phone: +81-(263)-50-4443

Sales Office

210Bldg. 2F, 4-3-15 Nagisa, Matsumoto, Nagano,
PHONE +81-(263)-29-1072

Tokyo Office

Shibuya Nexus 9F 2-9-9 Dogenzaka,Shibuya,
Tokyo, 150-0043, Japan


1942 Matsumoto Factory of Ishikawajima Shibaura Turbine Co., Ltd., established as a joint venture between Ishikawajima Shipyard (now IHI Corporation) and Shibaura Engineering Works Co., Ltd. (now Toshiba Corporation).
1950 Ishikawajima-Shibaura Machinery Co., Ltd. established with change of business into Internal combustion engines, Garden tractors and Fire-fighting pumps.
First fire-fighting pump launched.
1971 Air-cooled two-stroke engine fire-fighting pump TF series launched.
1987 Stationary pump, SDG series, launched.
1992 Water-cooled two-stroke engine fire-fighting pump SF series launched.
1996 Water purification system launched.
2007 Ishikawajima-Shibaura Machinery Co., Ltd. changes its name to IHI Shibaura Machinery Corporation.
2012 Transfer agreement of fire-fighting pump business of "Rabbit" with Makita Numazu Corporation concluded.
Water-cooled four-stroke engine fire-fighting pump, FZ700 model launched.
2016 Corporate brand unified into "SHIBAURA".
2017 Shibaura Fire Pump Co., Ltd. established separating from IHI Shibaura Machinery Corporation.